The Rachel Knight Series

Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark
Mulholland Books | 9780316198967 | March 2012

Guilt by Association

Book 1

National Bestseller!

Brilliant and tenacious, DA Rachel Knight lives and breathes her work and disdains office politics—a combustible combination that often gets her into trouble. She is a stalwart member of the elite Special Trials Unit, a small group of handpicked prosecutors that handles the toughest, most sensitive, and most celebrated cases in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. At the end of a typical ten-hour day, Rachel has her sights set on an ice-cold martini at the Biltmore Hotel, where she lives. But on her way she’s sidetracked by the wail of sirens and the commotion of a crime scene. Cops swarm around a seedy motel, where Rachel is surprised to discover that Jake, a dear friend and fellow prosecutor, has been murdered.

The suspicious and potentially explosive circumstances of Jake’s death are never far from Rachel’s thoughts as she takes on her fallen colleague’s most politically charged case: the mysterious assault on a young woman from an influential L.A. family. Rachel enlists the help of her best friends and partners in crimefighting—Toni, a fellow Special Trials prosecutor, and Bailey, a tough-as-nails LAPD detective—to covertly undertake her own investigation into Jake’s murder. Rachel’s drive to clear Jake’s name exposes a world of power and violence that will have her risking her reputation—and her life—to find the truth.

Marcia Clark combines the vibrant voice of her heroine, Rachel Knight, with her insider’s expertise in L.A. courts and criminality in this exciting debut. Intimately detailed, riotously funny, and viscerally paced, Guilt by Association marks the launch of a major new presence on the crime-fiction landscape.

Praise for Guilt by Association

“A triumphant fiction debut…. Clark deftly handles the multiple plotlines…. Readers will want to see a lot more of Knight.”
Publishers Weekly,
starred review
“A top-notch legal thriller that will leave readers wanting more… a genuinely high-quality novel.”
Starred Review
“That the novel is marked by authenticity is no surprise given Clark’s credentials… but what may surprise some readers is the quality of the writing, plus the considerable charm of Rachel and her buddies.”
Kirkus Reviews,
Starred Review
Guilt By Degrees by Marcia Clark
Mulholland Books | 9780316129541 | April 2013

Guilt By Degrees

Book 2

In this gripping follow-up to the highly praised national bestseller Guilt by Association, Los Angeles D.A. Rachel Knight finds her life and her career in jeopardy when she becomes the object of a brilliant psychopath’s obsession.

No one tackles the high stakes murder cases more fearlessly, or successfully than Special Trials Deputy D.A. Rachel Knight. But with her latest homicide investigation, she’s under a new sort of pressure: someone has been watching her every move. Someone who’s Rachel’s equal in brains, but with much more malicious intentions.

It begins when Rachel takes on an impossible case: the murder of an unknown homeless man. Few leads. No reliable witnesses. Rachel is told to stop pursuing the case, but everything changes when she and her best friend Detective Bailey Keller discover that the homeless man’s killing is connected to the brutal axe-murder of a beloved LAPD cop two years earlier. A murder that ended with the defendant walking out of the courtroom, acquitted by a jury who did not believe that a beautiful woman could have committed such a heinous crime. But the closer they get to the killer, Rachel and Bailey find themselves in the cross-hairs of a remorseless psychopath. One who will stop at nothing to keep her crimes a secret.

Harrowing, smart, and riotously entertaining, Guilt By Degrees is a thrilling ride through the world of the streets and courtrooms of Los Angeles with the unforgettable Rachel Knight.

Praise for Guilt By Degrees

“It’s no big surprise that Marcia Clark knows her way around a courtroom, and a murder mystery—but she’s also a terrific writer and storyteller.”
—James Patterson
“Clark has a winning cast of characters, a strong plot, and plenty of smart and sassy dialogue.”

“Clark humanizes her tough lead, and gets the mixture of action and investigative legwork just right, more than making the case for a long life…”
Publishers Weekly,
starred review

The Fall Girl by Marcia Clark
Mulholland Books | 9780316220934 | March 2014

Killer Ambition

Book 3

When the daughter of a billionaire Hollywood director is found murdered after what appears to be a kidnapping gone wrong, Los Angeles Special Trials prosecutor Rachel Knight and Detective Bailey Keller find themselves at the epicenter of a combustible and high-profile court case.

Then a prime suspect is revealed to be one of Hollywood’s most popular and powerful talent managers—and best friend to the victim’s father. With the director vouching for the manager’s innocence, the Hollywood media machine commences an all-out war designed to discredit both Rachel and her case. Killer Ambition is at once a thrilling ride through the darker side of Tinseltown and a stunning courtroom drama with the brilliant insider’s perspective that Marcia Clark is uniquely qualified to give.

Praise for Killer Ambition

“Builds real drama out of its tabloid crime… Knight is a likable crusader for truth in Tinseltown.”
People magazine,
3 out of 4 stars
“Clark’s suspenseful and gripping third legal thriller [is] the best yet in the series… realistically portray[s] the drama and vicissitudes of a criminal prosecution.”
Publishers Weekly,
starred review
Killer Ambition finds Clark at the top of her game. Legal thrillers don’t get much better than this.”
STARRED review
The Fall Girl by Marcia Clark
Mulholland Books | 9780316220958 | March 2015

The Competition

Book 4

In Marcia Clark’s most electrifying thriller yet, Los Angeles District Attorney Rachel Knight investigates a horrifying high school massacre.

A Columbine-style shooting at a high school in the San Fernando Valley has left a community shaken to its core. Two students are identified as the killers. Both are dead, believed to have committed a mutual suicide.

In the aftermath of the shooting, LA Special Trials prosecutor Rachel Knight teams up with her best girlfriend, LAPD detective Bailey Keller. As Rachel and Bailey interview students at the high school, they realize that the facts don’t add up. Could it be that the students suspected of being the shooters are actually victims? And if so, does that mean that the real killers are still on the loose?

Praise for The Competition

“The plot twists are both plausible and shocking in this intelligent page-turner. Fans of whodunits featuring ethical dilemmas will be pleased.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“With its fast-moving plot and winning characters, this fourth entry in the Brinkman series will keep readers turning pages and rooting for Sam.”
“Marcia Clark is unequaled in her ability to create a legal thriller so thoroughly steeped in the often crazy worlds of law, crime, and human frailties.”
—AuthorLink Writers & Readers Magazine

Rachel Knight Stories

The Fall Girl by Marcia Clark
Mulholland Books | B00B73T1XQ | May 2013


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Trouble in Paradise

A Rachel Knight Story

In this digital-only short story, DA Rachel Knight and her besties take a Caribbean vacation and end up solving a crime.

With her besties Bailey and Toni in tow, Rachel leaves work and rainy LA behind and sets off for a much needed vacation in Aruba. Greeted by glittering sand and a balmy breeze, the three friends can’t imagine anywhere more perfect.

But just minutes after hitting the beach, they’re approached by a panicked young woman. A gofer on the biggest reality hit since “Survivor,” she’s lost the show’s child star and must find her, now, before anyone else realizes she’s gone. Rachel, Bailey, and Toni put their dreams of paradise on hold and embark on a whirlwind search for the girl—a search that ends with a twist so disturbing no one, not even a fortune-teller, could have seen it coming…

The Fall Girl by Marcia Clark
Mulholland Books | B007BGQBE0 | April 2012


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If I’m Dead

A Rachel Knight Story

It started with a haunting image: a Ford Explorer, iridescent in the moonlight and alone on a desolate stretch of beach. Its owner, Melissa Gibbons, has gone missing. Her husband says she flew the coop. But Los Angeles Deputy DA Rachel Knight is convinced otherwise: Melissa Gibbons has been murdered.

So begins the confounding case that Rachel must present before a disbelieving jury. A dissatisfied heiress and her philandering husband — what really happened? The husband has a fiendishly convincing case that Melissa faked her own death and fled. But with the support of her trusty sidekick, Detective Bailey Keller, Rachel pieces together a much more sinister truth.

In this short, standalone Rachel Knight thriller, readers follow our savvy and riotously entertaining heroine through the surprising world of LA crime.