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Marcia Clark Marcia Clark

Praise for the Rachel Knight Series

Guilt by Association

Guilt By Association
Book 1

L.A. Times Bestseller!

"A triumphant fiction debut that catapults her to the same level as Linda Fairstein, her fellow assistant DA turned legal thriller novelist...Clark deftly handles the multiple plotlines...Readers will want to see a lot more of Knight, who combines strength of character and compassion with all-too-human foibles."
   —Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

"Clark, lead prosecutor in the O. J. Simpson trial, pairs her knowledge of the L.A. judicial scene with a surprising flair for fiction in a remarkably accomplished debut novel....Clark offers a real page-turner here, with smart, fast-moving prose; a skillfully constructed plot; and a protagonist well worth knowing. Rachel, whose past is only hinted at, is a well-rounded character who's as tough with suspects as she is sensitive with young victims. A top-notch legal thriller that will leave readers wanting more...a genuinely high-quality novel."
   —Booklist, STARRED review

"A corker of a debut novel in which a brainy, plucky female prosecutor refuses to rush to judgment... That the novel is marked by authenticity is no surprise given Clark's credentials—she was, after all, lead prosecutor in the headline-grabbing O.J. Simpson trial—but what may surprise some readers is the quality of the writing, plus the considerable charm of Rachel and her buddies."
   —Kirkus Reviews, STARRED review

"Clark's plot is gritty and intriguing, but it's the hilariously potty-mouthed characters that make this debut thriller sing."
   —Ellen Shapiro, People Magazine (read the full review) (PDF)

"Marcia Clark's debut novel showcases her experience and knowledge of the legal system. The pace, plot and dialogue are as sharp as they come in the genre. Her character of Rachel Knight bleeds real blood, sweat and tears on the page. Guilt is a four-bagger for Clark and her many new fans will eagerly await her next step up to the plate."
   —David Baldacci

People Magazine

"You must read this book: it is wildly and complexly plotted, ebulliently witty and filled with riotous humor; it details the inner workings of the L.A. legal system with unprecedented accuracy and verve—and to top it off, it is a damn, damn, good thriller."
   —James Ellroy

"A startlingly good first crime novel by (name sound familiar?) the prosecutor in the O. J. Simpson murder case. The heroine, an L.A. prosecutor, is likable, smart and witty, and she knows every level of Los Angeles as maybe only someone who has lived Clark's life could. None of that explains why she can write, but that's to be celebrated—fluid line for line, vividly imagined and scary, with an intricately constructed, irresistible flow. And sequels likely."
   —Claire Ernsberger, Book Review Columnist, Sullivan County Democrat

"Never one to disappoint, the Los Angeles trial lawyer has written a remarkably dark drama of murder with an edge-of-your-seat plot that circles around the rich who live behind protected estates, unwittingly becoming tempting targets for violent rapists."
   —Curled Up with a Good Book (4.5 stars!)

"Combining great storytelling with her expert knowledge of the Los Angeles legal system, Clark crafts a thrilling debut."
   —The Daily Beast (read the full review)

"It's a cast of tough cookie, wise-talking, believable and, more importantly, very likeable, characters which I'm sure will appeal to both male and female readers. I would love to share pretzels and a martini with these ladies. A great first novel and, no doubt, the beginning of a long and successful series. Go get it!"
   —Books and Writers (read the full review)

Guilt by Degrees

Guilt by Degrees
Book 2

"Clark humanizes her tough lead, and gets the mixture of action and investigative legwork just right, more than making the case for a long life for this West Coast analogue to Linda Fairstein's Alex Cooper."
   —Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

"This sequel to her remarkably accomplished debut, Guilt by Association (2010), proves that former prosecutor Clark is no one-book wonder... Clark has a winning cast of characters, a strong plot, and plenty of smart and sassy dialogue (particularly when Knight and her BFFs gather for after-work martinis), and she heightens interest in Knight's next appearance by establishing the psychopathic Bayer as her nemesis. A superlative series bringing together elements of both legal thrillers and police procedurals."

"The second Guilt book by author Marcia Clark reintroduces the tough D.A., Rachel Knight. And if readers liked her in the first, they will like her even better this time around... [the] book offers a more in-depth exploration of crime and punishment, which is—of course—what Marcia Clark is good at. The suspects are beyond interesting, and the plot is extremely dark, allowing the character of Rachel Knight to really shine through. A great thriller!"
   —Supsense Magazine

"It's no big surprise that Marcia Clark knows her way around a courtroom, and a murder mystery—but she's also a terrific writer and storyteller."
   —James Patterson

"Marcia Clark knows her villains, and Guilt by Degrees gives us one you won't forget. She also gives us one of the toughest and most appealing heroes to come along in a very long time. Prosecutor Rachel Knight is smart, funny, and just about fearless in her pursuit of justice and a good martini. Guilt by Degrees kept me guessing to the last page—and then impatient to read more about Rachel Knight."
   —Joseph Finder

"I thoroughly enjoyed the twists, turns and surprises the author puts in Rachel's path. And I loved Marcia's writing style!...this book is filled with intrigue, a spunky, smart and feisty heroine who fights for justice."
   —Stitch—Read—Cook Blog (read the full review)

Killer Ambition

Killer Ambition
Book 3

"Clark's suspenseful and gripping third legal thriller featuring the L.A. deputy DA, the best yet in the series...realistically portray[s] the drama and vicissitudes of a criminal prosecution."
   —Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

"Another winner. Clark ratchets up the suspense at every turn, with even jury selection becoming a nail-biter. Boasting a feisty protagonist, a winning supporting cast, and steadily escalating courtroom drama, Killer Ambition finds Clark at the top of her game. Legal thrillers don't get much better than this."
   —Booklist, STARRED review

"Builds real drama out of its tabloid crime...Knight is a likable crusader for truth in Tinseltown."
   —People Magazine

"A refreshing and suspenseful portrayal of high-stakes trials, criminal lawyers on both sides of the aisle and the strategies behind their every move."
   —Los Angeles Times

"Clark clearly knows the court from the inside out, and her characterization of the proceedings is great fun to read."
   —Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Clark's expertise truly shines . . . Killer Ambition may prove to be Marcia Clark's grand triumph."
   —Hartford Books Examiner

The Competition

The Competition
Book 4

"Clark handles sometimes painfully raw scenes with great sensitivity and skillfully works in material about what makes a mass murderer, as she ratchets up suspense to a deadly conclusion. Her fourth legal thriller featuring Knight is another tour de force."
   —Booklist, STARRED review

"The twisty plot and dynamic duo make for a suspenseful, if sobering, page-turner."
   —Publishers Weekly